Wednesday, July 7

Can you defy aging?

I will be 30 years of age soon.

Not feeling it yet - possibly since I am not just 30 yet. I am still 29 and 361 days old. It is almost upsetting to realise that very soon, I am going to have to stop using, "I am in my late 20s" when asked for age. I had stretched my 20 something status and had gone overboard living life freely and evading all responsibilities! Can I continue to do so and have a chance to re-live my youthful life?

I remember reading somewhere that there are 3 things to consider while getting older. The chronological age, the mental age and the physical age. You cant help your chronological age ofcourse as controlling that would mean you having to stop the earth from rotating – which, ofcourse is impossible. Though not any more impossible than Tony Hayward getting to stop the oil from spilling.

The mental age on the other hand, apparently can be stopped from aging and you can have a control over it - by hanging around with younger people. There seems to be some truth in this. You often find teachers brighter than people their own age. There is a reason behind it - they spend a lot of time with high school students who help to keep their minds youthful. You also see 50 something beer bellies being able to party hard and late with their 20 something affairs. So, the mental age seems to be taken care of.

But what about physical age? How can we stop our bums from sagging and save our heads from balding? They say, you need to be black to not crack or have terrific genes to avoid wrinkles. Or maybe be rich enough to be able to bathe in SK2. But what if you arent? There is a secret – exercise! As if you didn't know that and wouldn't you do it had you had the time?

To be honest, I have mixed feeling about turning 30. Some say that age is just a number, some say old and young are just words. But I say, getting old is like getting a wake up call – one that wakes you to remind that time is ticking and instead of trying to defy aging, I could set goals and achieve them before I disappear from this world. Now, really, as if you didnt know THAT!


Anonymous said...

u're already getting wiser before u get older!

Santanu said...

profound :-). the breaking down of ageing into 3 parts is something i'd never thought about

well , yes, ageing comes with mixed feelings. on the one hand, i am happy and grateful for everything that has happened in my life, all that i have done and learnt, the marvelous people i have met..

on the other hand, the clock is ticking. and even though i am steadily moving towards my goal, there's so much to do. the worst part is (i'm not sure if it's happening only to me) that this weird feeling is starting to set in that everything is transient.. there is no real end. once you achieve something, there seems to be more to do. coupled with this is the frustration that the mind is becoming more and more matter of fact, so the happiness and exhilaration that i used to feel 10 yrs ago at small victories are pretty much numbed nowadays :-)

have an awesome birthday!!

Rangeen Pablo said...

Santanu, you just said as I feel - 'transient' it is and it does seem like one after another. Small victories are good but unsettling as there seem to be a need for more all the time.