Saturday, February 10

Overwhelmingly surprised!

I call Naidu at 5AM.

"Have you checked if the flights are on time?"
"No but my phone's battery is low, you would better wake up."

I hang up and call the airport.

Much to my delight, I was greeted by a recorded voice which instructed me to dial '2' for flight schedule. After some 20 keypresses and several nail-biting decisions, I managed to find out that the flight we expected our friends to arrive in is actually on time!

Darn! Which really meant we had to move our butts and get to the airport quickly.

Earlier that week, Naidu and I had this grand plan to be executed to surprise our friends who after being declared husband and wife (not that they needed any such declaration!) were returning back to Sg.

Our plan was to get their new apartment cleaned and all their furniture and bags moved to their new place! The execution, led by me, needless to say, was flawless. Except for this one time when the cab driver took me to 'Tanglin Road' when I specifically told him to take me to Bow Wing Rd. And this other time, when we were driven out of a florist's. (Naidu managed to pluck some flowers.....well, he claimed that he just touched it and blamed his muscle power). And this other time....

So after several such minor, unnoticible glitches we decided to receive Suchi and Ravi at the airport which would be their first surprise! I was staying over at a friend's and was
assigned to wake up Naidu on the D-day. He had prepared a schedule for me. I was to call him at 5AM, 5:15AM and then 5:30AM such that he actually wakes up. I am often mis-understood....but this was my first to be assumed to be an alarm clock.

Miraculously, we managed to get to Terminal 1 ahead of time. Not knowing how to kill time....

"'Desi bandis' look awful in the know? Immediately after waking up with no make-up and all."

This was after the drooled over 'bandi' had walked past Naidu without even a glance at him.

Minutes passed.

Suchi and Ravi arrived. They were, as thought, overwhelmed by our presence. We in-turn are over-whelmed by their luggage! The first cabbie refused us which made us lug it to the 2nd who drove us to their new apartment. Mind you, at that hour, we werent thrilled to re-discover that their new flat had no lift!

However, the new arrivals were yet again thrilled to find Nimms and her beloved waiting for them at theirs! Nimms had woken up earlier that morning without any 'snooze-calls' from me, prepared b'fast and decorated the new flat's living room! How sweet.

Lunch was at ours, and thats when we gave Suchi and Ravi whatever we managed to get from the florist's who had chased us away.

Happy ending really! Very content we all returned back to our normal routines of life.

Chinese New Year around the corner, we are all flying to various destinations. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cebu, Phuket here we come!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for the surprises when we all return back.......


Chief said... bandis do look frantic early in the mornin...Naidu is right....and just because they are irascible at that hour they tend to miss the hunks around 'em. This aint make no sense to me.

Pablo should work for watch companies like Citizen, Titan etc cos he manages and keeps time very well.

Well done mate!

Anonymous said...

hey where has rangeen pablo gone ?